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The desire of your business, organization, or church is to serve as a beacon of light and hope. To combat darkness permeating our culture, you long for your brand to spread Christian messages reinforcing truth by compelling people to follow the teachings of Jesus.

And lost people searching for the hope found through Jesus’ teachings exist.

But how can you reach those people without the time to invest to capture their attention and guide them to your mission, products, and services?

Good news for you: You can regain valuable time from reaching your target audience.

After all, your calling is to expand God’s kingdom through your unique ministry or business. Focus on that – and leave the rest to me.

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I accomplish that by giving you…

  • Copywriting to further your message, keep your audience engaged, and inspire them to act.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) online copy that boosts your online visibility and discovery by your target audience.
  • Royalty-free images to pair with print and digital copy.
  • Strategies and ideas on how to communicate your message and reflect on the results.
  • Blog post content and ideas relevant to your brand to support your marketing strategies.
  • Edited copy for clean, professional content.
  • More time to strategize future engagement with your followers.
Picture of Jennie Espy

My name is Jennie, and I’m a born-again Christian who shares your mission to extend the gospel to the lost and hopeless part of the Body of Christ.

I discovered a passion for storytelling at a very young age. It became clearer in adulthood that storytelling is an effective way to engage people in a greater purpose outside themselves.

And when you work with me, you will receive written content that reflects your tone and voice.

You’ll receive a collaborative strategist who supports and communicates your message across multimedia platforms.

My content will always be backed by research. Guaranteed.

Are you ready to further your unique role in expanding God’s kingdom?

If so…